BURST4ALL Project Concept:

        Dual Low Fee Pools, a pool that is optimal for miners with less than 1tb including Android and cloud miners
and a pool designed to cater to miners with larger capacity while simultaneously increasing the payouts for the little guys.


  • Pool.BURST4ALL ‘Mini Mining’ Pool
    • All Deadlines Accepted! Mini miner pool allows block-share in any round with any deadline.
  • Pool.BURST4ALL ‘Big Rig’ Pool
    • Dual ‘Big Rig’ Dedicated Miners to Increase payout for miners on the mini mining pool.
  • Pool.BURST4ALL TEAM  Tutorials
    • Tutorials to assist newcomers establish themselves as miners.
  • Burst4All Asset
    • Asset designed to fund the growth of Dedicated Big Rigs and the Mini Miner’s bonus payout.

The BURST4ALL TEAM has done it! Burst mining on Android devices, Mac OS,  Raspberry Pi, cloud and other devices are now possible thanks to the BURST TEAM’s efforts in software integration.  We at the BURST4ALL team seek to support these methods with pool support including a special pool with a low fee and no deadline filter dedicated to miners with less than 1tb capacity and bonuses for participating miners. Also, BURST4ALL TEAM includes a sister pool for larger miners and dedicated mining rigs (+100tb) mining burst to fund the tiny miner bonuses.

The beauty of this design is in the consideration for all miners large and small. pools have low fees  for miners with more than 1tb and no deadline filter and bonus burst payouts for the miners with less than 1tb.

A pool with no deadline filter guarantees all participating miners will receive block share for their best deadline no matter the time.  Also, bonuses funded by our dedicated big rigs and a specially configured pool for miners with less than 1tb are guaranteed to see greater payouts even if your miner does not forge a block.

Come one come all! is all about serving your support needs with live support in chat at


Dear Miners,

We are actively seeking development in all known mining platforms including unknown platforms like smart tv and digital coffee maker mining. Join us at and listen in and or contribute to the discussion.


The Burst4All Team