Mini Miners’ can join the Burst4All mini mining pool at using Burst assignment address BURST-ZDKQ-BK92-67A5-DGENX

‘Big Rigs’ can join Burst4all big rig mining pool at <coming soon> using Burst assignment address <coming soon>

Android? Here’s How:

<Tutorial coming soon>

Windows? Here’s How:

1. Visit the following link:


To join the Burst4All pool follow these steps:

2. In the field marked Recipient, please enter the following Burst address: BURST-ZDKQ-BK92-67A5-DGENX

3. In the field marked passpharse, enter the passpharase for your Burst wallet.

4. Click Submit.

5. Start your miner. After 4 rounds your miner should start to display confirmed deadline messages.


1. Download the latest Windows Burst Wallet Client

2. In ‘C:\Users\(YOU)\AppData\Roaming\BurstWallet\’ open in notepad a file named miner.conf and confirm your miner is directed to “Server” : “” and “Port” : 8124

Refer to BOLD TYPE below:



“Mode” : “pool”,

Server” : ““,

Port” : 8124

UpdaterAddr” : ““,

UpdaterPort” : 8124,

InfoAddr” : ““,

InfoPort” : 8124,

“EnableProxy” : false,

“ProxyPort” : 8126,

“Paths”: [ (EXAMPLE)C:\Burst\Plots, D:\Burst\Plots, etc…” ],    <— confirm, update if needed

“CacheSize” : 100000,

“ShowMsg” : false,

“ShowUpdates” : false,

“Debug” : true,

“SendBestOnly” : true,

“TargetDeadline”: 4000000,

“UseFastRcv” : false,

“SendInterval” : 100,

“UpdateInterval” : 950,

“UseLog” : true,

“ShowWinner” : false,

“UseBoost” : false,

“WinSizeX” : 80,

“WinSizeY” : 60



3. Open Windows Burst Wallet Client and open “Start mining” tab. (make sure you have >= 1 burst in wallet)

-Populate “Choose Pool” box with “” and select Change Reward Assignment: “Change“.

-Populate “Recipient – Burst address of pool:” with the pools reward assignment address “BURST-ZDKQ-BK92-67A5-DGENX

– finally populate “The passphrase of your wallet you’re mining with:” with your wallet passphrase and click “submit

*you should get a funny little confirmation screen in your wallet that looks like this*:




*this error in red you may find while mining will vanish in 4 block rounds*.




If that didn’t work or you have any questions be sure to contact us in chat by clicking the CHAT button in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Best! and Happy Bursting!