Burst4All Asset ID: 17374526332841192454

As Burst penetrates global markets we aim to be there with BURST4ALL a Burst Asset designed to finance the future of Burst Mining and enhance mini miner’s payouts. As new mining operations spring up and as new platforms are designed to mine Burstcoin BURST4ALL will be there with low fee pools and dedicated big rigs mining burst for dividends weighted towards mini miners.

BURST4ALL Asset is to be affordable and  pays relatively high dividends especially for share holders with mini miner’s directed to the B4A mini miner pool.

  • Dividend
    • Dividends pay out every 2 weeks
    • Pool Fees and Dedicated Rig revenue pledged to asset dividends: 90%-10%.
      • 90% to all asset holders
      • 10% extra to asset holders with mini miners directed to B4A mini miner pool.
  • Share Distribution
    • 25% remain in owner wallets until shares sold out (then owners are free to sell shares)
  • Initial release:
    • 5% Early Adopters Special (50,000) @ 20 burst
    • 10% (100,000) @ 25 burst
      • 3 more releases phase of 200,000 each. price: TBA
  • Funds Allocation:
    • 100% Pledged to building mining power for BURST4ALL Dedicated Big Rigs