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May 24, 2021
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Hi Lab Guy, I am inquiring about the ProCulture® Cordless Homogenizer Unit for Micro-Tube Homogenizer System. Is this unit capable of lysing cells? Even smaller cell types such as sperm cells? Thanks
July 31, 2020
Image: I have been trying to homogenize heart tissue in the Bel-Art Mini Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Mini-Mortar set


Dear Lab Guy, I have been trying to homogenize heart tissue in the Bel-Art Mini Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Mini-Mortar set (H37260-0100) The pestle did not reach the bottom of the tube and the tissue got stuck at the bottom, so I did not achieve the desired result. I used regular 1.5ml Eppendorf tubes. Could you please advise me on what can be done about it? Thanks. - Olga M.
June 28, 2020
Image: Vaccuu-Pette/96 - SP Scienceware


Dear Lab Guy, My customer is using the Reusable Autoclavable Vaccu-Pette 96 Tip Pi catalog no. 37876-0001 and has trouble getting a good seal after autoclaving this device. Do you have any tips for autoclaving? Margot S
June 12, 2020


Dear Lab Guy - Our lab bought your product CAT No. 650000002 (1.5 mL pestle). We will use it for fungal DNA extraction. We need a Micro-centrifuge tube compatible with this pestle (tip of the pestle must accurately fit with the bottom of the tube). Do you have any product like this? - Afjalus
June 11, 2020
Image: 11604_Polystop_Dropper_Bottles - SP Scienceware


Dear Lab Guy, I am looking for a system that can take a sample dripping from a rod that has been dipped into a reactor and not expose the operator to the dangerous solvent in the media. Now the samples are taken by lifting the rod in a ventilated tube with a hole in the side and a 25ml glass bottle is inserted by hand and filled only to a very small part. The bottle gets product on the outside and the ventilation is not enough to protect the operator. If you have an idea for taking a sample, without introducing shear forces on the media, since its a suspension for making gel, I would be very grateful. My idea right now would require a small (1-2cm2) sample scoop that could be inserted under the lifted sample rod and then enclosed in the same type of bottle that is used today, eliminating the spill on the outside. Kind regards - David E
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